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2nd Annual Witches Tea by Tracy Wright
Description TBA
Time: 2-3 hrs. on Saturday, 1-3pm

Book Making Workshop by Sascha Fernandez Fink
Join Sascha to learn how to make a single signature case bound book. What the heck does that mean? A “signature” is a group of pages bound together and put into a hard cover. Most books have multiple signatures. For the beginners, we’ll only do one. This is a great place to put poetry, spells, stories, or notes. The class is limited to 10 adults and there is a $10.00 materials fee. All materials will be provided. Children's class at a separate time.
Time: 2 hrs. on Sunday morning 9-11am

Boffer Weapons Workshop by Jeremy Metz
 Description TBA by our very own SCAdian (the OTHER SCA!) in shining armour. Definite fight practice to follow. Kids encouraged to attend and then burn energy.
Time: 1 hr. or mayber longer on Friday

Interactive Runes Workshop by Danjul Norse
Description TBA by Norsewind's front man.

Ages: This workshop is for all ages!
Time: 1 hr. or mayber longer on Saturday

Short Story Study & Discussion by Sascha Fernandez Fink
We will be reading and discussing Berenice by Edgar Allan Poe and The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne. If time permits Edgar Allan Poe's William Wilson. All are in the public domain.
The following links will work: &

The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne at
Time: 2 hrs. on Sunday morning 9-11am

Tolkien Mythology by Sascha Fernandez Fink
Description TBA
Time: 1 hr. on Friday

Tree Identification Workshop by Jennifer L. Stevens-Transue
Do you know which tree it is from the leaf or bark? Which fruits, nuts are edible or not? What makes a tree deciduous or not? Let's learn the different types of trees around the campus of Circle of Trees and what makes the bears and other animals happy there. Bring walking shoes, notebook if you like and a camera!

Time: 1 hr. on Friday

Viking Boat Race hosted by the Staff
Build your own mini edifice of your dream Viking Boat if your team wins
to burn in the evening bonfire! Pick your team, scheme a plan and hoist a canoe on the lake and see if you don't go in circles with your team (or tip over!) to win the boat race! No entree fee and 4 boats are provided. Welcome to bring your own boat and viking! :) We challenge some kindreds to come out and show their stuff off! Come on down but you have to parade with us first in our opening ceremony so bring your banners!!
Time: 2 hrs. or maybe longer on Friday depending on number of teams, 3 p.m.


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